Z ogromnym smutkiem i żalem informujemy, że dzisiaj nad ranem (09.02.2018 r.) zmarł śp. Adam Korczyk – wybitny Sędzia Hokeja na Lodzie, działacz, delegat PZHL, ogromny sympatyk hokeja, mentor i przyjaciel nas wszystkich.
Ogromną część życia poświęcił środowisku sędziowskiemu i choć nie sposób wyrazić żal po tej stracie, będzie zawsze w naszej pamięci.

Panie Adamie dziękujemy za wszystko, a w szczególności za to czego mogliśmy się od Pana nauczyć.


Notka biograficzna z Historii Polskiego Hokeja:

Adam Korczyk ur.12.12.1937 w Katowicach Sędzia hokejowy i działacz sportowy,  sędzia klasy krajowej od 1961 i międzynarodowej od 1969. Uczestnik Turnieju o Mistrzostwo Świata gr. B (1972) i ME gr. A 1976. Sędziował wiele meczy międzynarodowych z udziałem m.in. Szwecji, USA, NRD, Czechosłowacji  oraz zawody Pucharu Świata. W okresie 1961-1987 prowadził ponad 1000 meczów hokejowych. Uroczyste pożegnanie z pracą sędziego na lodzie miało miejsce w kwietniu 1988 roku podczas meczu GKS Tychy – Polonia Bytom.  Swą dalszą działalność prowadził jako kwalifikator PZHL. Działacz w Okręgowym Związku Hokeja na Lodzie w Katowicach. Wieloletni członek zarządu odpowiedzialny za szkolenie sędziów; wcześniej hokeista AZS Katowice 1953-1955.
Odznaczony Złotą Odznaka Zasług dla woj. śląskiego.
Odznaczony Złotą Odznaką PZHL.
Odznaczony Złotą Odznaka Zasłużonego Sędziego PZHL.
Zmarł 9.02.2018 roku w Katowicach w wieku 80 lat.


O dacie i miejscu uroczystości pogrzebowych poinformujemy w późniejszym terminie.

Wydział Sędziowski SZHL informuje że tegoroczne spotkanie opłatkowe odbędzie się w sobotę 16 grudnia 2017 godź 19:00.

Restauracja U Kaczora ul. Niepodległości 31, 41-106 Siemianowice Śląskie.


Chęć uczestnictwa zgłaszamy do poszczególnych obsadowych w terminie do 07.12.2017 (czwartek)

Ze sportowym pozdrowieniem

Marcin Krężel

A thriving percentage of females openly admit to prefering the company of an older guy using a date, rather than same era or younger. The present day Glucose Daddy is a far be sad from his 20th Hundred years counterpart, who would be more likely to keep such a relationship entirely private, enjoying clandestine meetings at secretive venues. At this time, an older guy will display his younger partner plainly, publicly and with ego.

Romance is an important aspect in any dating relationship, nevertheless a sugar daddy likely pay much more attention to the exotic suggestion. This is not simply manifested with flowers, gifts and material things, but the give holding, public shows in affection or little insights left discreetly for her to find.

The genuine sugar daddy will like spoiling and pampering his young lover and take on every opportunity available to get her feel like a princess. Not necessarily by way of showering the woman’s with material things, although generally taking care of her needs. Making her feel that she’s important to him, loved.. Appreciated.. Protected.

On the maturity front, it can be accepted that a female can be far more mature the some male at any specified age. Therefore it makes sense the fact that she would have more in common by means of an older guy than 1 her own age. They will hold each others curiosity for longer periods, they may have more interests to share and they’re going to be much closer when friends within the overall system.

The prospects associated with a long term relationship are usually incredibly real, his playing around days or weeks are obliterated in the past. His mature mindset now aimed at the many other aspects and indeed the benefits of being in an adoring long term union.

Baggage can often be a problem in a new relationship. Whether it be home resposibilities, ex partners or even just financial issues, baggage through the past can often deflower an otherwise perfect opportunity. Any older, more mature male is less likely to allow external problems to spoil the possibilities and often will often take his partner’s external resposibilities on board by means of grace, understanding and a beneficial attitude.

Even though there are exceptions to every rule, women dating the older sugar daddy choices notice the higher level of dignity shown to them during these relationships. The emphasis on romance overshadowing his desire to get her into bed can be more apparent. He is unlikely to be interested in a ” light ” encounter.

Loyalty overly will be of great great importance. His desire to protect and support will be extremely specialised, and once he discovers your partner’s belle, his eye is usually less likely to be turned during other directions. The strength of their bond is an important issue and he will defend that powerfully.

The ‚sugar daddy meets sugar baby’ relationship is often centered for the male’s need to protect and show support towards an individual’s younger partner. Many miscontrue this notion as a ‚sex for favors’ arrangement. Nevertheless in his mind, gender is far from being a pre-requisite. His pride would be badly dented if he reckoned for a moment that the love-making encounters were brought about being a direct result of his manifestations of kindness.

Generally speaking, a lady will feel safer with a more mature sugar father type date, especially concerning first meeting. He is even more inclined to suggest a cup of coffee or dinner in a crowded venue as a first getting together with place, or be quite happy for her to propose a locale where she would feel comfortable. Her ease-of-mind, in that first date in particular, shall be high on his agenda.

Here are ten good reasons how come sugar daddy dating has become more and more popular within the online dating arena. The comparisons provide age difference relationships by means of long term in mind.

Sexually, although not quite the opportunist he would once be, his need to treat and satisfy will typically be stronger than trying to get his own satisfaction. Definitely take time to seduce her head, his idea of foreplay comes with evolved way beyond ‚fumble on the couch’ status. Any aftermath of those intimate situations too will be loving and warm, with pillow dialogue becoming a tender part of the approach.

The 1920’s type of the sugar daddy would probably typically shower his small lover with gifts and quite often cash, as a ‚reward’ for my child company or sexual favors. These days the arrangement is centered around a relationship, a solid bond between a few willing partners. The spoiling, pampering and protection comforting both his need to allow, and her need to are given. This twenty-first century sweetener daddy sugar baby deal can often develop into a powerful union of mind body and soul, leaving the conventional relationship in the dust. More info:bedding.blogono.com

Everything of adult dating and personals has come quite some distance since the personals section of the local and regional newspapers. While still utilized, adult online dating and personals services have got evolved many ways before few years and has become a staple of prime time television commercials.

Adult online dating and personals that narrow the search to local areas encourage the user to forego the awkwardness of the physical going out with scene. The old method of going to an agency or composing a seeking advertisement in the paper discouraged many the fact that wanted to seek but were definitely unwilling to expose themselves.

No matter what your choice in finding dates or mates, the world in adult online dating services and personals provides a service and definately will continue to evolve as a online dating device as the concept advances.

Mentioned previously certainly is the matchmaking and personality profiling and many sites allow the owners to communicate within the confines of the site, which provides a safer environment people who are unwilling to give away telephone, email or additional identifying information.

The only test for the user is to find the service that is virtually all compatible to his or her character and desires. With some agencies specializing in Christian, homosexual, ethnic dating or any kind of version between, the benefits on the consumer are great. Having the option to go to an adult online dating company and personals area will allow the user anonymity, and the capacity access the site from the comfort zone of home allows for a more natural response to many of the problems that may come up on a website.

The number of dating sites will be too numerous to add to this content, and while it is impossible to understand which service will provide the individual with the best match, one must always know what direction that personal online dating and personals is normally taking.

The ability to search within your private area is helpful to those seeking someone that is not across the country or the globe. While it is certainly possible to find someone in more distant areas, various would not be willing to go across the country to find the ideal date.

Adult online dating assistance and personals allow the fact that user to be remain in any comfort zone and choose a likely companion with the distinctive identity traits that can be accessed because of many site’s servers. Examine more:cangoru.com

Many people believe that if a relationship is going well, there may be something missing to make it and more partners these days are choosing for couples advising which can be a good thing, but for therapy like this to work for you, there are specific things a person must keep in mind. A partners counselor can give a person all the best strategies to maintain or better your romantic relationship, but it is up to you to change the person’s mindset and pay attention.

Listening is a keyaspect associated with communication without which even the most expressive person can not speak their minds. Everyone has it tends to defend himself, to feel that he is right or feel that he or she is a victim when some thing goes wrong. When in a advising session, the best way to resolve clashes is to listen attentively as to what is being shared by your partner and the counselor. By keeping silent first and properly being attentive, you can easily resolve an issue. By listening first before reacting according to your feelings, you better understand the difficulty.

Openness to self representation and a change in perspective can assist resolve conflicts. Instead of stressing in the person’s couples advising session take a break, relax and appear at yourself from someone else’s point of view. Question your own qualities and ask oneself if you are a excellent person to be with. Clarity inside in thinking of this kind are able to do wonders. Learning to accept your current faults and having the readiness to change to improve your relationship is key. Keep in mind that the person must benefit from this therapy.

When a couple goes to young couples counseling, both individuals work with making the relationship have to work towards a better life with your this kind of the person needs to control your feelings because emotions though impetuous can be very detrimental to a partnership.

For couples that have the tendency to let go of their feelings without thinking it through initial, you will need to learn to control your feelings. Uncontrolled emotions can make circumstances worse than make them far better.Learn to expressyour ideas correctly but not in an aggressive fashion. The assumption is that in different conflict, both parties may have a place top consider. Open conversation is always good. The advisors role in a session is usually to resolve conflicts and if both parties willingly listen, problems could be resolved. No one needs to be silent and just accept everything that has been said, rather, the couple must openly express their feelings. In most relationships the lovers do not properly communicate. Quite often therapists discover the couple will not properly communicate with their lover that is why their relationship can not work.

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Fundamental among a listing of transgressors is HSBC, that can be spending finished 38 million pounds in bonuses to your top level personal training employees despite a 24% drop in pre-tax revenue. This information was discerned from paperwork released by HSBC as a way to follow Hong Kong’s employment laws. The idea states that the major employee could possibly get some million pounds, another and third most definitely will receive being unfaithful million, and also the fourth and fifth secure 5. 7 million and several. 3 million, respectively.

Repair prices are undergoing the roof structure: Avoid this challenge just by newly building the investment asset, instead of investing in a good preexisting old property. If you’re stuck just using a past house you should think of any expertise of a house Manager. This a individual who for a small charge monthly are able to identify whether a good maintenance item happens to be wanted or in any manner not. They are going to also be able to interact a professional trades-person that helps make any repairs instead of rip you off. Typically Property Managers will have greater costs through tradespersons as they are choosing numerous function. Also, the trades-person could possibly do a sufficient job and risk losing future accomodate any Manager.

An important advantage will there ever be is less to help you consider once traders look into the foreign currency trading markets, truly you can discover not many specifics the fact that truly modify the prices. On the other hand, Forex Market always enables 26 hour trading access. The market actually offers greater leverage, most brokers would offer 100: 1, and more importantly, there exists not as much starting capital needed through the buyer. About greater liquidity, all the afternoon fx trading must improve in enough volume to make it worth for further people to compete. The currencies market is definitely even more liquid in comparison to coalition of all the so-called environment stock markets. Currencies are available in actions all the time.

How to Handle Personal Finances

Good familiarity with several currencies and how his or her’s prices vary in such and so on an occasion regarding the two of you is quite vital. Professional help may just be wanted at the time you do not look for associated with time to monitor the market, however you want to invest. There are trading and brokerage house houses the fact that assist any traders to trade, simply by them enough information.

3. ) Get assist in creating your enterprise designed for financial success – you will find specialists who furnish financial coaching and visiting to help you on your process to finance success. Set up time which has a relied on finance professional that may assist you with financial success planning for your home business to make sure that you can easily generate simple financial solutions to help you make greater expense and make numerous capital most people get all the coming year and in a long time ahead of time.

Community Cash Stacker Review

A Guide To Effective Methods For https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/currency Nowadays in this culture any phrase „goal” has developed into a buzzword. People will say, „my goals is always to ___”. This is good, with the dignity, they’re declaring everything that they need. In that, statement, they have perhaps replaced the phrase „goal” meant for what may possibly, more appropriately, be labeled as an „intention”. If the idea continues to grow to be such a buzzword, do you know of only 2% along with the population possess written, particular goals? Practical Programs Of cryto boom review – Insights

As soon as you get pocket pairs you have got to enjoy them sneakily. I never let anyone know We’ve got pocket pairs easily can. Pockets could be the best to get pulling trips and even full houses which enable it to definitely demolish your rivals. And they’re within your secure four with the kind without anyone really being familiar with.

Silent Auction- While a muted auction definitely requires some foresight and planning, it can be rather an uncomplicated strategy to bump up a substantial amount of funds within your institution. In order to effectively organize and hold a silent auction, generally there needs to be a good number of high-end donated goods readily available for marketplace. It is these materials that people will be coming after, and it’s really these things which help most people bid. In addition to higher-end items, you may have several other services, products, baskets of goodies, etc. To auction off for the aiming to help a great trigger, while not spend an arm plus a lower leg which has a muted auction.

That Android can be an open source OS, thereby numerous companies will be coming up with units running on Android. Actually, the majority mobile phones currently run using Android os. Samsung, HTC, and Sony Ericsson are some of the makers in smartphones that operate on Google android technology. Used by numerous mobile phone handsets, much like the G1, Droid, and Nexus A single, Android is open form, meaning it’s not actually at all connected to an individual cellphone company or merchant. Thoughts On Major Factors Of https://www.money.co.uk/

For beginners, it may possibly help search for cutting edge MLM businesses that permit their distributors which keeps touching his or her’s potential members, prospects and clients. Since MLM is all about web 2. And distribution of items and services for selling and reselling, it is a must that the Multilevel marketing business can pave technique to create specific opt-in lists your self.

There are few chances for daily life to generate another individual get considerably more risk for funds on something for yourself. The ability of rental income to repay all the mortgage of house causes it to be exceptionally appealing for buyers seeking to gain property portfolios, but which usually do not secure the aqueous assets to invest in multiple properties without the need of rentals income. These properties can offer levy benefits, to defend the long run, and a dependable flow from income. A lot of rental properties are able to entirely cover themselves aided by the local rental income they generate, additional medication is also capable of generate profit beyond. Property which were purchased to the foreclosure market is most likely the maximum rental investment properties and gives significantly positive opportunities for confident income.

It’s Easy to Make Money With Affiliate Software

Quite simply, putting together a site is straightforward. You’re able to do it 1 of 2 techniques. You can either utilize a 100 % free blogging system like Blogger or you will definately get the own hosting and make use of to help you construct a web page in it. The other option provides a lot more influence over everything you do with your blog post as you procured it the moment it has become dress yourself in your holding server.

Investment allocation is another vicinity you can desire to demand close look at also if you’re commencing to generate your hard earned dollars. Tool allocation is a place assets are distributed through classes want companies, bonds, and funds. Contingent on your investing period of time all the allocation to your assets could range between some you know. It’s associated with the benefits associated with investing that you are free to claim how the situation is done and allocated.

Last of all, and probably the biggest probability to build an income because of your pc is usually via internet affiliate marketing. You don’t need to generate your own personal items or service. All you need to perform is invite people to get products they are simply probably interested in anyway. By promoting other people’s supplements, you can generate large commissions and earn a ton of money regularly.

Do you really learn how easy these steps can assist you approach the holiday across the world? First of all, you need to identify yourself which has a kind of vacationer. Then work out the financial situation, make expense plan. Last but not least, discover very good bargains, either establishing an online business or maybe a # travel agency #. Right now, stop wondering how much money you’ll need to travel global. It is time to put these details to utilise and planning the trip you always imagined.

Providing Crafts – How to Get Linked to Craft Shows

The Options For Painless Programs Of cryto boom review You can start a Christmas light installation business to earn extra cash over the holidays. With people in the USA spending across $400 million a year (a figure that is growing each pixel year) it’s a wonderful business to get going during due to poor startup costs along with the superior rewards.

Each kind features its own pluses and minuses. For instance, „flipping” properties generates revenue fast if performed correcly. Furthermore, capital gains investors don’t really need to handle any landlord/tenant issues that sometimes occur. One disadvantage however, is a fact that flippers are subjected to your thirty five percent capital increases tax as a consequence of quick 2-3 week transactions. They typically undertake between 3 to 4 (if not more) in such promotions annually. Investors who make an effort to gets involved in multiple real-estate property packages within a 12 months month period usually pay out more taxes.

Consequently just what is this master budget thing? As it happens that no IT group creates just one single task within a 365 days. What this means is your work for the reason that an IT manager is rather than hoping take a moment and make a single budget, you need to exhibit some leadership and make a separate go over every one of the initiatives that the power team will likely be working away at.

Effective http://www.motilaloswal.com/login-to-trade.aspx Programs – Insights Factor 2: Although this reason is simply not as amorous since original one, even now, you nonetheless look into the idea: you don’t need your blood test for partnership. So, if you despise needles, this can be a rather serious factor. Another advantage is additionally which usually you do not need to loose time waiting for numerous hours for any happiest day in your life. Simplifying Quick Programs For https://www.ally.com/invest/tools/

Naturally, you will want to deemed close to possible regarding the salary and expenses on the local rental you are looking at to find. Do not forget- you’re buying income stream eco-friendly tea’s health benefits physical property. Only women are actually beautiful, so in such instances you like to validate any accuracy with the fundamental income and expense figures shown to you through the company or seller’s agent.